Managing RUCKUS Cloud Software Updates

RUCKUS Cloud receives automatic updates that enhance features, performance and security of the platform. Administrators of tenants in RUCKUS cloud and MSP’s are notified of upcoming updates and have the option to select the update window to allow consideration of their local environment. Primary administrators of a RUCKUS Cloud account can schedule the timing of software updates.

72 hours prior to a migration, an email notification is sent to the primary administrator of an account. In case of managed service providers (MSPs), email is sent to the MSP primary administrator and not the MSP end customer.
RUCKUS Cloud Scheduled Recommended Update Notification
RUCKUS schedules updates by default according to these guidelines:
  • Migrations are planned during the weekends only
  • You can schedule the migration up to 6-weeks in the future beyond the system generated time slot.
  • Release Notes are provided as part of the notification email.

RUCKUS reserves the right to perform unscheduled updates to protect its customers, and performance and security of the platform.

Complete the following steps to change to the RUCKUS update schedule.
  1. From the navigation pane, click Administration.
    The Administration page is displayed.
  2. Click the Version Management sub-tab to view the Cloud version and AP firmware.
  3. Slect the AP Firmware sub-tab.
  4. Select a venue.
  5. Click Update Now to submit a request to update the software.
    The Update Now dialog box appears.
    Update Now
  6. Choose a software version and the click Run Update.
    After the update is completed, the results, success or failure are sent by email to the primary administrator.
    Software Update Status Notification
  7. Click Change Update Schedule to schedule
    The Change Update Schedule dialog box appear.
    Change Updated Schedule (software version and date)
  8. Choose a software version and select the update by clicking in the calander icon.
    The Change Update Schedule dialog box appears.
    Change Update Schedule (software version, date, and time)
  9. Choose a update time for the software update and then click Save.
    The progress bar displays Update scheduled successfully.
  10. Click Skip Update to skip the software update.