Creating a Wi-Fi Calling Profile

You can classify the voice packets in a Wi-Fi call based on the carrier, by creating a Wi-Fi calling profile.

  1. On the menu, click Networks.
  2. Click Add Network.
    The Create New Wi-Fi Network dialog appears.
  3. Click Wi-Fi Calling Profiles.
    The Wi-Fi Calling Profiles dialog appears displaying the existing Wi-Fi calling profiles.
    Creating a Wi-Fi Calling Profile
  4. Click Add Profile
    The Add Wi-Fi Calling Profiles dialog appears.
    Add Wi-Fi Calling Profile
  5. Enter the name of the carrier in the Carrier Name field.
  6. Enter the profile description in the Description field.
  7. Select the QoS priority Description field.
    • Best Effort
    • Background
    • Video
    • Voice
  8. In the Evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) section, click Add ePDG.
    The Add eDPG dialog appears.
  9. Enter the domain name to in the Domain Name field.
  10. (Optional) Enter the IP address of the Domain.
  11. Click Add .
    The Wi-Fi calling profile is created and displayed with its name, QoS priority, number of ePDGs associated and the management domain.
    Note: You can edit, clone and delete the profile by clicking the pencil icon or the delete icon, respectively.