Using RUCKUS Cloud Mobile App

The new RUCKUS Cloud by CommScope product now manages Wi-Fi access points, ICX switches and includes long-term reporting as well as ML/AI. Use this mobile app to manage your converged wired and wireless network from your mobile device

  1. Launch the CommScope RUCKUS Cloud App from your mobile phone.
    RUCKUS Cloud Mobile App Login Page
  2. Enter a valid username and password and tap Sign In. Optionally, you can check the Remember Me to save your password. Use the Forgot Password option to reset your password. After the first successful login, you can use the Sign in using finger print option.
    Note: If you want to log in as a non RUCKUS customer, tap Change Service Provider. Enter your service provider's name and continue.
  3. Chose a region: US,Europe, or Asia.
  4. Accept the end-user Terms and Conditions.
  5. Review your dashboard. The dashboard displays Alarms, Venues, APs, Switches, Wi-FI Clients, Switch Clients, Networks, Wi-Fi Traffic, and so on.
    RUCKUS Cloud Mobile App Dashboard
  6. On the top-left corner, tap the hamburger menu to display the navigation menu.
    RUCKUS Cloud Navigation Menu
    • Dashboard: Tap on to view the dashboard.
    • Venues: Tap on to view venues and the networks, APs, clients, switches associated with the venue.
    • Networking Devices: Tap on to view APs and switches.
    • Networks:Tap on to view networks.
    • Clients: Tap on to view AP and switch clients.
    • Events: Tap on to view the AP and switch events.
    • Settings:Tap on to go to settings.
    • Help: Tap on for help .
    • Send Feedback: Tap on to send feedback.
    • Switch: Tap on to switch region.
    • Log Out: Tap on to log out.
  7. Tap on the Search (Magnifier icon) to search a networking device, network, venue, clients, and so on.
  8. Tap on the Alarm (Bell icon) to view the active alarms.
  9. Tap on the Add (+ icon) icon to o to view these options: Add SwitchAdd AP, Add DPSK User, Add Guest, Add Network

Adding an AP

  1. From the dashboard, tap on + icon.
    Adding an AP
  2. Tap on the Add AP.
  3. Select a venue.
  4. Enter the AP name.
  5. Enter the serial number of the AP.
  6. Add the AP description.
  7. Add tags.
  8. Tap on Create.

Adding a Switch

  1. From the dashboard, tap on + icon.
  2. Tap on Add Switch.
  3. Select a venue.
  4. Enter the serial number of the switch or tap on Scan Serial Number.
  5. Check Standalone Switch or Member in stack.
  6. Specify the switch name.
  7. Tap on Next.
  8. Review the switch Summary page and tap on Add Switch.

Adding a Network

  1. From the dashboard, tap on + icon.
  2. Tap on Add Network.
  3. Enter name of the network in the Name field.
  4. Enter a different SSID.
  5. Add a description for the network.
  6. Select a network type.
  7. Tap on Next.
  8. Complete the onboarding details.
  9. Select a venue.
  10. Review the network information on the Summary page.
  11. Tap on Create.

Viewing Venues

From the navigation menu, tap on Networking Devices.
Viewing Venues

Viewing Network Devices

From the navigation menu, tap on Networking Devices..
Viewing Networking Devices

Viewing Networks

From the navigation menu, tap on Networks.
Viewing Networks

Viewing Events

From the navigation menu, tap on Events.
Viewing Events