AP - Client Connection Message Mapping

The client connection dataset in Data Studio helps you to visualize AP and client connectivity issues and status. The client and AP exchange a series of 802.11 management frames to get to an authenticated and associated state before establishing a connection. The message IDs in the visualized data represent WiFi messages exchanged between AP and Client or AP and RADIUS server during different stages of the AP-Client connection process. These messages help to determine the process stage at which the connection failed and the reasons for the failure.

Table 1. AP - Client Connection Message Mapping
Message IDMessage CategoryMessageSourceDestination
1Probe RequestProbe RequestSTAAP
2802.11 Authentication802.11 Authentication RequestSTAAP
3802.11 Authentication ResponseAPSTA
4802.11 Association802.11 Association RequestSTAAP
5802.11 Association ResponseAPSTA
6802.11 Reassociation RequestSTAAP
7802.11 Reassociation ResponseAPSTA
8802.11 DeauthenticationAPSTA
9802.11 DisassociationAPSTA
10 802.11 Deauthentication from STA STA AP
11 802.11 Disassociation from STA STA AP
21EAP 4-Way Handshake4-Way Handshake - Frame 1APSTA
224-Way Handshake - Frame 2STAAP
234-Way Handshake - Frame 3APSTA
244-Way Handshake - Frame 4STAAP
31DHCPDHCP DiscoverSTABroadcast
33DHCP RequestSTABroadcast
42EAP ResponseSTAAP
43EAP SuccessAPSTA
44EAP FailureAPSTA
51RADIUSRADIUS Access RequestAPControl Plane
52RADIUS Access ChallengeControl PlaneAP
53RADIUS Access AcceptControl PlaneAP
54RADIUS Access RejectControl PlaneAP