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Contacting RUCKUS Customer Services and Support
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RUCKUS Analytics Overview
RUCKUS Analytics Introduction
Logging In to RUCKUS Analytics
Navigating the RUCKUS Analytics User Interface
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Feature Support Matrix
Firewall Ports to Open for RUCKUS Analytics
RUCKUS Analytics Dashboard
Dashboard Overview
AI Analytics
AI Analytics Page
Recommendations Page
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Client Troubleshoot Page
Occupancy Page
Site Report
AI-Driven Cloud Radio Resource Management
AI-Driven Cloud RRM Overview
Network Health
Testing Client Services
Network Health Test Report
Testing Video Call Quality
Video Call Test Report
Using the Overview Dashboard: Content Panel
Wireless Network Report
Wired Network Report
Inventory - APs Report
Inventory - Controllers Report
Inventory - Switches Report
WLAN Report
Clients Report
Client Health Dashboard
Client Health Report
Applications Report
Airtime Utilization Report
AP Details Report
Client Details Report
Switch Details Report Dashboard
Switch Details Report
Comparison Reports Dashboard
Compare Filters
PCI Profiles
Creating a PCI Profile
Opening and Downloading a PCI Profile
Editing or Deleting a PCI Profile
Data Studio
Data Studio
Dataset Filters
Viewing Onboarded Systems
Onboarding the controller to RUCKUS Analytics
Managing Users
Managing Resource Groups
Contacting Ruckus Support
Managing Licenses and Assigning APs
Viewing Schedules
Creating Webhooks
Brand 360
Brand 360 Overview
Data Studio
AP - Client Connection Message Mapping