RUCKUS Analytics Introduction

RUCKUS Analytics is a cloud service that delivers robust service assurance for IT and business intelligence to line-of-business stakeholders to help customers get the most from their enterprise network. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, this cloud service simplifies operations by automatically classifying service incidents by severity-tracing root causes, and recommending steps for remediation. Artificial intelligence automatically recommends configurations that optimize the RF environment in the customers network. RUCKUS Analytics enables line-of-business stakeholders to define and monitor business key performance indicators (KPIs) for better business outcomes.

Smartzone controllers, access points, and switches serve as data sources, that measure and collect various key performance indicators (KPIs), connectivity status and flows, traffic, applications, and more. The data is packaged by the AP, switch, or controller as lightweight streaming telemetry and sent to the cloud through a secure transport. Once in the cloud, data is ingested into a scalable and efficient data warehouse, analyzed using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, and presented for your consumption in several different formats for a variety of use cases.

RUCKUS Analytics provides several valuable resources for network administrators:

  • Dashboard: Summarizes the network health and provides a quick focus on top problem areas.
  • AI Analytics: Provides a detailed analysis on incidents, client impact, reasons, root causes, and recommendations.
  • Client Troubleshooting page: Provides granular details about specific client experiences, connectivity issues, and quality.
  • Service Validation: Provides comprehensive end-to-end testing mechanism to validate LAN, WAN and connectivity to application servers.
  • Reports: Leverages and displays pre-built reports and charts to understand network usage and inventory.
  • Data Studio: Provides a fast and intuitive reporting tool that helps to create and edit charts and dashboards.
  • Admin: Provide the list of SmartZone controllers that have onboarded to the system and additional information regrading their connection status, firmware versions, and so on.