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Table 1. Key Features and Enhancements in RUCKUS Analytics 3.4 (15 August 2023)
Feature Description Reference
AI-Driven Cloud RRM AP Transmit Power Updated:

This feature automatically identifies co-channel interference and recommends methods to reduce it in high-density deployment environments by adjusting AP transmit power. This optimization aims to create an ideal channel plan by eliminating interfering links and ensuring no coverage gaps. It enhances channel planning by eliminating disruptive links, preventing coverage gaps, and introduces 'Tx power control' alongside 'Channel plan' and 'Channel bandwidth' adjustments, optimizing customer networks and boosting throughput by minimizing interference.

AI-Driven Cloud RRM Overview
PCAP Report Updated:

Added packet capture feature information, which is a collection of packets generated for all failure events with respect to the specific client.

Client Troubleshoot Page
Minor editorial updates Updated: Minor editorial updates were made throughout the Guide. Throughout the guide.