Analytics Overview

Ruckus LTE AP Management Service has a set of analytics that gives you a deeper insight into your network statistics. Using a wide variety of common use cases, you can analyze the network capacity, traffic trends, client statistics, and device inventories.

Using the reports, you assess the followings:
  • Network capacity, carried traffic, and utilization
  • User experience (getting on the network, connection speed - simple high/low/ average and CDF views)
  • User activity (devices, applications, sessions, and bandwidth)
  • AP behavior (channel changes, meshing, band steering, and load balancing)
  • Network operating conditions (interference sources)
  • Usual network mechanics (uptime, alarms, and so on)
  • Capability to view statistics at multiple layers (AP, radio, SSID) and session

Ruckus LTE AP Management Service offers a number of analytics reports that you can generate to analyze your Wi-Fi and LTE network, grouped separately under two tables, WiFi and LTE. The LTE KPIs are available in both the report and plots format.