Viewing Associated LTE Clients

Use the Users page to view LTE clients that are associated with your managed APs.

The Users page has two tabs, the default LTE tab, and the WiFi tab. The number of connected clients is shown in the tab under the tab title.
  1. On the Dashboard, click Users.
    By default, the Users page appears and displays the LTE tab, which displays LTE clients that are currently associated with your managed APs.
  2. View information about your LTE clients under the following columns.
    • Venue
    • AP
    • Network
    • Clients
  3. Click the name of the column to sort clients by the column name, (for example, Venue).
    If a large number of associated clients appears on the page, sorting them by the column names is recommened.
  4. Click Refresh in the top right of the client section to refresh the display,.