WLAN-Specific Guest Management

Guest management is an important requirement in all customer environments. The organization must be equipped to deal with guest users requiring access to the internet and network resources from their personal devices. Guest users expect easy connectivity and fast and stable Wi-Fi service.

There are multiple guest access types which can cater to different customer needs. Each access type comes with a set of control and configuration options that allow administrators to have better control and monitoring of guest users.

The following types are available for the guest WLAN:

  • Click-Through: A simple Terms and Conditions page for users to accept for Wi-Fi access. The terms and conditions can be customized according to the customer.
  • Host Approval: A guest user enters their own details and host email address, which the host approves for guest user Wi-Fi access.
  • 3rd-Party Captive Portal (WIPSr): Third-party vendors provide captive portals hosted on their platform and integrated with Ruckus APs managed by Ruckus Cloud. Currently, the following providers are available to use:
    • Purple
    • Linkyfi
    • Cloud4Wi
    • Aislelabs
    • Alepo
    • Skyfii
    • WiFiMAX
  • Self-Sign In: The guest users can register using their social media accounts (for example, Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn) or fill in the portal details and get a personal password for Wi-Fi access.
  • Guest Pass: A managed type of access by which guest users are given access passwords beforehand by means of the administrator registering the user’s phone number, email, or print methods.
    Guest Access Options