Document Overview

This document provides information to help you start using the RUCKUS Cloud to manage your access points (APs) and RUCKUS ICX switches through your RUCKUS Cloud account.

For information on starting to use the RUCKUS Cloud, refer to Getting Started chapter along with the Quick Start Guide that is shipped with the RUCKUS Networking devices.

Other chapters provide information about administering, managing, and monitoring your APs and switches through the RUCKUS Cloud.

To view the RUCKUS Cloud Release Notes for your release, visit: This URL also has the link to the RUCKUS Cloud Hotspot WISPr AP Reference Guide. For RUCKUS Cloud API documentation, visit:

For document history, refer to the following table.

Document History

Table 1. Revision History
Part Number Revison Date Revison Description
800-73225-001 Rev A 03 August 2022 Initial release
800-73225-001 Rev C 22 October 2022 Updated the document with four new features: AP GPS Coordinates, Per DPSK expiration, AP firmware reset, and Channel 144 JP support.
800-73225-001 Rev D 17 February 2023 Added two new features: ICX control via HTTPS, and schedule ICX firmware update.