Events Monitoring Overview

An event is an occurrence or the detection of certain conditions in and around the network. An AP or switch rebooting, an AP or switch changing its IP address, and a user connecting to a network are all examples of events.

RUCKUS recommends regularly monitoring events so you are aware of any network conditions that could potentially affect your wireless networks and wireless users.
Note: Events that require your attention are called alarms.

The event description is dynamic, not static. Information specific to the event including identification of the related entity displays giving customers more information and allowing easier troubleshooting of events, if required. For example, the MAC address of the connected client is displayed. When appropriate, the information is cross-linked and displays in blue. If you click the link, you are sent to the appropriate details page, for example, client details, AP or switch details, or network details.

Under the Description column, you may see dynamic information such as:

  • AP AP-1234: Radio 11g/n has changed from channel 7 to channel 13
  • Client F9:9B:CD:65:9F:9D joined Network marketing from AP AP-1234

Under the Source column, you can click the source of the event to go to the appropriate page for more details. If the event occurred on the AP or switch this column displays the AP or switch name.