Viewing Existing Networks

You can view a list of networks that exist in your Ruckus Cloud account.

From the navigation pane, click Networks. The Networks page displays a list of networks that you previously added, including the following information:
Note: If you have not added a network, the list will be empty. For instructions on adding a network, Refer to Creating Networks Overview.
  • Network: The name assigned to this network.
  • Description: A brief description of the network.
  • Type: The type of network representing the network security:
    • Open
    • Pre-Shared Key (PSK)
    • Enterprise AAA
    • Cloudpath
    • Captive Portal—Click-Through
    • Captive Portal—Guest Pass
    • Host Approval
    • Self Sign in
    • WISPr
  • Venues: Shows the number of venues in which this network is currently being used. Pause the pointer over the number to see a list of the venues amd click the number to view venue details.
  • APs: Shows the number of clients (across all venues) that are currently associated with this network. Click the number to view AP details.
  • VLAN: Shows the VLAN ID that is assigned to the network.