AP Not Advertising SSID

If an access point that you have added to your Ruckus Cloud account is not advertising the SSIDs that you have configured, here are some of the things you can check.

  • Check if you entered the AP's serial number correctly. The AP serial number that you entered appears on the AP details page. Make sure this matches the AP's actual serial number on the sticker affixed to the bottom of the AP.

  • Verify that you physically reset the AP before you added it to your Ruckus Cloud account. To physically reset an AP, press the reset button on the AP for at least 10 seconds.

  • Verify that Ruckus Cloud supports both the AP model and the firmware installed on the AP.

  • Check the DIR LED on the AP. If it is blinking, a local network issue may be preventing the AP from advertising SSIDs. Examples of local network issues that could affect your AP include:

    • The DHCP server is down or unreachable.

    • The network is disconnected from the Internet

    • The DNS server is down or unreachable.

    • The network firewall is blocking SSH.