Adding a Venue

You must add a venue before you can connect your networking devices to RUCKUS One to offer Wi-Fi service. A default venue named My-Venue preexists. If you want to assign your access points to a venue other than the default, you can add a new venue.

Complete the following steps to add a venue to your RUCKUS One account.

  1. From the navigation bar, click Venues.
    The Venues page appears.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Add Venue.
    The Add New Venue page appears.
  3. In the Venue Name (required) field, enter a name for the venue that you are creating.
  4. In the Description field, enter a brief description of the venue.
  5. In the Address (required) field, enter the address where the venue will be located.
    You can enter either a full or partial address. For example, if you enter 350 W Java Dr, the field will query all matching addresses on Google Maps and display them below the address field. From the matching addresses, select the correct address.
  6. Click Add.
    When RUCKUS One completes adding the venue, the Venues page displays the newly added venue in the list of venues.