Viewing Switch License Information

Your Ruckus Cloud license information shows the type of license that you purchased, the number of switches that your account can support, and details about your license subscriptions.

Complete the following steps to view your license information.
  1. From the navigation pane, click Administration.
    The Administration page is displayed.
  2. Click the License tab to review your license information.
    The License page displays.
    Switch License
  3. If any of your licenses are about to expire, or have expired, a banner will display at the top of the screen.
    Paid licenses have a 60-day grace period. Thirty days prior to the subscription expiration, an alarm is raised, and the administrator receives an email notification on a weekly basis until the date of the expiration. The text in the license expiration banner changes depending on the status of the license, the number of days before it expires, or the numbers of days left in the grace period.
    Note: TEMP licenses are valid only for 60 days; there is no grace period.
  4. Under the License Subscriptions header the following fields are displayed.
    • License for—Indicates the maximum number of APs or switches allowed by your license subscription.
    • Type —Type of Ruckus Cloud license that your organization purchased. License type include Basic and TEMP.
    • Purchased on—Indicates the date and time when your organization purchased the license subscription.
    • Expires on—Indicates the date and time when your license subscription expires.
    • Time left—Indicates the length of time, in days, left before your license subscription expires.
    Note: After the license expiration, all the ports of the switch except the ports connected to RUCKUS APs, switches and the uplink port that is being used to connect to the Cloud get disabled. However the switch remains connected to the Cloud. With the license renewal, you can restore service on the switch without losing the configurations.

    You may have multiple license subscriptions.