Administative Logs

You can view the administrative logs on RUCKUS One. Events are split into administrative access, system functions, and activities performed by the administrator.

Complete the following steps to view user logs in your RUCKUS Cloud account.
  1. From the navigation bar, click Timeline and then select the Administrative Logs sub-tab.
    Admintrative Logs page appears and diplays the following information:
    • Date: Date and time when the event occurred.
    • Severity: Icon representing the severity level assigned to the event. Click the icon to display the severity level. Refer to Event Severity Levels for more information.
    • Event Type: Indicates where the event occurred (managed AP, associated client, or administrative). Refer to Event Types for more information.
    • Source: Name of the AP, client, or administrative component on which the event occurred.
    • Description: Brief description of the event.
  2. To view the next page, click the right arrow (>). To jump to the last page of events, click the >| arrow.
    You can also filter the events that are displayed on the page by using the filtering options at the top of the page.
    • All Event Types: Use the drop-down and then select the event type (Admin or Notification) by which the list of events is sorted.
    • All Times: Use the drop-down and then select then selecte one of these: Last 24 Hours, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, or Custom Range.
    • Search for events: Enter the Event Source or Description that you want to use for any matching events. Click the magnifying glass icon to start the search.
  3. Click Expor to CSV to export the admintrative logs to a .CSV file.
  4. Click Refresh to reload the Administrative Logs page.