Session Inventory

The session inventory report displays as a table that provides a session log for a set of wireless devices during a given time interval.

Use this report to analyze usage statistics using SP defined method; method takes CSV file as input.

By applying a variety of filters, the charts can display the information for a specific period of time, by venue, by AP, by network type, and by radio settings. For more details on the filtering options, refer to Viewing and Filtering Wi-Fi Analytics Data. You can also filter the session inventory table using the search box and searching for clients by MAC address.

Apply filters as required and click the Export button available on top right corner of the page to export the session inventory data from the tenant portal into a CSV file.

For instance, select the report date range as Custom Range and then pick the report start date and report end date. Select a Venue for which you wish to run the report and then click the Export button. The report for the selected date range, for the selected Venue is downloaded as a CSV file. In the report, you will find that the first row displays the date range, and the second row mentions the Venue which you selected.

Note: In the above instance, as you did not apply filter for APs, Networks and WiFi Radios, the report is generated for all configured APS, Networks and WiFi radios.
When interpreting this report, note that:
  • Each row in the table contains the MAC address of the wireless devices, device type, OS type, authentication time, association time, session end time, downstream / upstream bytes transferred and serving AP.
  • Wireless devices are selected based on being joined to a particular controller, AP, AP group, SSID or radio.