AP Traffic

This report provides the cumulative volume of unicast traffic transmitted to or received from wireless clients associated with any network on a managed AP for a specific time interval.

The reported traffic is actually traffic density (traffic/time); the value of the traffic reported is scaled to the time dimension on the x-axis of the graph (for example, traffic/15-min, traffic/hour, traffic/day). The graph displays three types of AP traffic:

  • AP to user traffic
  • User to AP traffic
  • Client traffic

Data used to create the report includes STA session statistics from all VAPs configured on a [physical] AP and includes both 2.4- and 5-GHz radios (if present) on an AP. Data on the following traffic types is also included:

  • IP datagrams carrying client traffic
  • Non IP, layer-3 packets
  • Network-layer management traffic a STA needs to access network resources
  • Data link layer traffic above the 802.11 MAC

By applying a variety of filters, the charts can display the information for a specific period of time, by venue, by AP, by network type, and by radio settings. For more details on the filtering options, refer to Viewing and Filtering Wi-Fi Analytics Data.

When to Generate This Report

Generate this report if you want to:

  • Learn how busy the AP is with traffic to/from users (includes unicast/multicast packets)
  • Learn how much traffic is uploaded versus downloaded
  • Find network locations which are the busy areas
  • View the relative proportion of total traffic (user + management) to management traffic.