CBSD Grant Error Alarm

Alarm Identifier 134
Description CBSD Grant Error - <Additional Text>, SAS-CBSD Procedure Failure.
Additional Information SAS-CBSD Procedure Failure.
Specific Problem CBSD Grant Error.
Perceived Severity Minor
Action to clear alarm
  • Check additional text.
  • If required, switch off LTE AP and switch on after 10 minutes.
Entered Event Exit Event Probable Cause System Action Additional Text

Grant Procedure fails with SAS due to error received from SAS due to incorrect parameters (cbsdId).

Successful acquiring of grant from SAS. Configuration or Customization error. Attempt re-registration procedure. Certificate Error in Grant resp.
Grant Procedure fails with SAS due to requested channel not available. Attempt grant on different channel/issue spectrum inquiry. Empty channel received in Spectrum Inquiry response.
SAS was not reachable. Retry if SAS was not reachable. SAS Grant Unsuccessfull errorCode.
Protocol version is not compatible. Attempt with re-registration procedure. Protocol version not compatible.