Software Activation Failure Alarm

Alarm Identifier 117
Description Firmware image download failure - <Additional Text>, Software Activation/Download failure
Additional Information Software Activation/Download failure.
Specific Problem Firmware image download failure.
Perceived Severity Minor
Action to clear alarm
  1. Check for correct package with correct checksum.
  2. Check if correct FTP credentials are provided in Upgrade request or check FTP server.
  3. Some system commands may be failing on Ruckus LTE AP. So, reboot the LTE AP in that case.
  4. Free some space in /mnt/flash.
  5. Download correct package as per board type.
Entered Event Exit Event Probable Cause System Action Additional Text
1. Software download failure reported due to Checksum failure. Software download is triggered again. Software download failure. No action is required. Checksum failure.
2. Download failure Download failure.
3. Internal error Internal error.
4. Unable to untar the image file Unable to untar package.
5. Package Name incompatible Package Name incompatible.
6. Software compatibility failed
  1. Downgrade not possible without tz.mbn image.
  2. Downgrade not possible from current software version.
  3. Upgrade not possible without tz.mbn image.