Updating Your Profile

Update your profile if you need to change your time zone or event detail level.

Note: You cannot edit your name, email address, and role on the Ruckus LTE AP Management Service portal. To edit your name and email address, edit your profile on the Ruckus Wireless Support website.
Follow these steps to update your profile.
  1. On the miscellaneous bar (located in the upper-right corner of the web interface), click .
    A submenu appears.
    Note: You cannot change your name, email address, and role here.
  2. Click My Profile.
    The My Profile screen appears.
  3. Edit any of the following profile settings:
    • Date Format: Select a desired date format.
    • Event Details Level: Select the level of detail that you want the LTE AP Management Service to display for events on the Events page.
  4. Click Save.
You have completed updating your profile.