Signing Up for Ruckus LTE AP Management

Access to the portal is enabled when at least one license is activated for LTE.

When you purchase Ruckus LTE APs, you have a choice of either purchasing LTE AP management licenses (CLD-RKSC-*) or Private LTE Network services (CLD-NTWK-*), 1-for-1. Each AP requires one license of either type of license to operate.

After the purchase is complete, an email confirming the purchase along with a license activation code is sent to the email provided during the purchase process. Use the same email address to activate the licenses which will prompt you to create a Support account with us (if one is not available already) and use this account to log into:

Note: Make sure that the email address provided during the license purchase, is the same exact email used during the license activation/ support portal access. Mismatch in emails will stall you from activating licenses.