AP States in LTE AP Management

Q: What are the AP states in LTE AP Management?

The following are the AP states in the LTE AP Management:

  • Never Contacted
  • Contacted
  • Connected
  • Operational
  • Disconnected

Q: Why does the AP state show Never Contacted in LTE AP Management?

The following are reasons for AP state to be Never Contacted:

  • AP cannot connect to the internet.
    • Ensure that the AP connected IP network has access to the Internet and also has DNS server setup to resolve domain names such as www.google.com or www.yahoo.com.
    • Try connecting a laptop to the same network as the AP and use a browser to go to https://sc-registrar.ruckuswireless.com.
  • Check if the requested ports are allowed on the network (firewall ports 4500...etc.)
  • The AP is not in the factory reset state.

    If an AP is not in the factory default (reset) state, it may not connect to the AP Management due to an incorrect resident configuration. Reset the AP to its factory defaults using the button located near the RJ45 port. A long press on this button for over 20 seconds will cause the AP restore to its factory default firmware and configuration. Power LED will be RED. AP will resume its boot-up procedures upon release of the reset button.

Q: Why AP state is Contacted but not Connected or Operational?

Check the following:

  • Whether the AP to Management SecGW connection is flapping.
  • Whether there are AP alarms or events on the AP and check that the IPsec tunnel is up.

Q: Why does AP state show Connected but not Operational?

The possible reasons for this issue could be one of the following.

  • The AP admin state is disabled.

    Check whether the AP Management has been administratively disabled from the UI by clicking AP > More > Operation status Disable/Enable

  • The AP lost synchronisation.
    • If the AP is GPS source, AP may have lost connection to the GPS satellite.
    • If the AP is PTP source, AP may have lost connection to the PTP master.
  • The AP to Network (EPC) connection is lost.
    • The SCTP connection timeout to EPC occurred.
    • The AP-EPC connection is lost.
    • The EPC is not reachable.
    • If a SecGW is configured for the EPC connection, the AP to SecGW connection may be lost. (All Ruckus-offered networks/ EPC services have a SecGW)
  • The AP lost the grant.
    • The AP relinquished the Grant because of a timing sync failure or lost connection to EPC.
    • The AP-SAS heartbeat failed or communication failed.
    • An AP-SAS grant conflict occurred.
    • An AP-SAS registration error occurred.
    • SAS revoked the grant.