Exporting Client Details

If you need to export client details, you can export them in a comma-separated value (CSV) file to your computer.

An administrator can export information that is presented in the client details page to CSV files. The exported file is a zip file containing a separate CSV file for each of the different sections in the client details page including client properties, historical stats, top used applications, events and sessions. To comply with European GDPR regulations, the zip file also contains a file specifying the type of access Ruckus has to this information.

Follow these steps to export client details.

Note: You must have administrator privileges to export the client details.
  1. From the navigation pane, click Users.
    The Users page loads and displays the Clients tab. The screen displays both connected and disconnected (historical) wireless clients with search options. When searching for disconnected (historical) clients, you can only search by MAC address, host name or user name.
    Note: If a large number of clients appears on the Clients page, use the filtering options to narrow down the client list. Refer to Filtering Associated Clients for more information.
  2. From the list of currently associated clients, locate the wireless client from the list of connected or disconnected clients for which you want to view details, and then click its MAC address.
    The Client MAC Address page displays three sections across two panes followed by five report-type sections.
  3. In the upper-right corner of the Client MAC Address tab, click Export.
    The Export Clients form is displayed.
  4. Click Export to download details for this client to a zip file containing a series of CSV files.
    A window displays the name of the file which is based on the date and time of export.
  5. Select Open or Save. After making your choice, click OK.
    A zip file containing a series of CSV files is downloaded to your computer for sections of the client details page plus one file outlining the type of information access, who has access, and why, to comply with European GDPR regulations. You can open the files using any spreadsheet software.