Disconnecting a Client

For troubleshooting purposes, use the Disconnect Client option to forcefully disconnect a client from the Ruckus Cloud.

To disconnect a client from Ruckus Cloud, follow these steps.
  1. From the navigation pane, click Users.
    The Users page loads and displays the Clients tab. The screen displays both connected and disconnected (historical) wireless clients with search options. When searching for disconnected (historical) clients, you can only search by MAC address, hostname or username.
  2. From the list of currently associated clients, locate the wireless client (connected or disconnected) that you wan to disconnect from Ruckus Cloud WiFi, and then click its MAC address.
    The Client MAC Address page appears.
    Disconnect Client
  3. Click Disconnect Client.
    Choose one of these options:
    • Client reconnects: Disconnects the client from Ruckus Cloud WiFi and automatically checks is the client was reconnected.
    • Client doesn't reconnect: Disconnects the client Ruckus Cloud WiFi, checks the status, and displays: The client didn't reconnect. Refresh to check status.
  4. Click Refresh to view the connection status.
    It displays the message: Checking Connection.
    When you return to the Clientsctab, it shows only the connected users.