Adding VLAN Interfaces (VEs)

  1. From the navigation pane, click Venues .
  2. Select the Networking Devices tab.
  3. Select the Switch tab.
  4. Select the Rounted Interfaces sub tab.
  5. Click the Add VE Port.
    The Add VE Port dialog box is displayed.
    Adding a VE Port
  6. Complete the following fields to add a VE Port:
    • Switch: Select the switch name.
    • VLAN ID: Select a VLAN ID.
    • VE: Same as the VLAN ID (this filed gets automatically populated and cannot be changed).
    • VE Name: Enter the VE name.
    • OSPF Area: Enter the OSPF field.
    • DHCP Relay Agent: Specify the DHCP relay agent.
    • IP Address: Specify the IP address.
    • IP Subnet Mask: Specify the IP subnet mask.
    • Ingress ACL: Specify the Ingress ACL
    • Egress ACL: Specify the Egress ACL.
  7. Click Create to add the VE Port.