Adding a CLI Template

You can add the CLI commands to the CLI template. Before adding a CLI template, get familiarized with the ICX FastIron CLI commands.

Complete the following steps to add a CLI template.
Note: Beginning with the FastIron 09.0.10e release, certain CLI commands have been deprecated. For a list of deprecated CLI commands, refer to the FastIron 09.0.10e for RUCKUS ICX Switches Release Notes.
  1. From the navigation bar, click Switch Configuration.
  2. Select the CLI Templates tab and select one of the following.
    The CLI Templates page appears.
    CLI Templates
  3. Click Add CLI Template
    The Add CLI Template wizard appears.
    Add CLI Template
  4. Type in AGREE in the text box and click Next.
    The CLI Configuration page appears.
    CLI Configuration
  5. Enter a name in the Template Name field.
  6. Type in the CLI commands or copy paste the CLI commands in the CLI Commands section and then click Next.
  7. (Optional) Click Import from file to import a . txt or .csv file that contains CLI commands and then click Next.
    The Switches page appears.
  8. Check the My-Venue check box and select Switches and then click Next.
    The Summary page appears.
  9. Reviw the CLI Template Sumamry and click Add Template.
  10. Click Add and Apply to add the CLI template and apply it to the selected swictches in the vanue.