Allowing Sign-In Using Facebook

When creating a captive portal network with self sign in, you can allow users to register with their Facebook social media account.

Before using this task, perform Steps 1 through 6 in the Creating a Network That Uses a Captive Portal with Self Sign In.
  1. From the Onboarding page of the Captive Portal Self Sign In network option, click the check mark next to the Facebook option.
    This will allow users to connect to the network using their Facebook account.
  2. Click the Edit icon which looks like a cog.
    The Edit Facebook App window appears.
    Edit Facebook App
  3. In the App ID and App Secret fields, you must enter the valid user credentials, and then click Save.
  4. (Optional) Click See sample to view an example of the Self Sign In screen.
  5. When you have finished viewing the sample screens, click Close.
  6. Check the Redirect Users to check box and enter a valid URL.
    You can redirect users to your company website or another URL after they log in successfully. If the check box is not selected, users are sent to the page they originally requested.
  7. Check the Collect email addresses of users who connect to this network check box to save email address of the user.
    As required for privacy compliance, the user will be informed on email being saved.
  8. Click Save.
    You are returned to the Onboarding page of the Captive Portal Self Sign In network option.