Event List

View a complete list of events that may appear on the Ruckus LTE AP Management portal, including their event IDs and recommended actions (if any).

For more details about the events, refer to the latest Ruckus LTE Alarms and Events Guide for the Ruckus Small Cell product family.

Table 1. Ruckus LTE AP Management Events
Event ID Event Message Severity Recommended Action
101 The RSC temperature is too high and therefore the LTE radio has been disabled Major
102 RSC temperature is higher than expected Minor
105 LTE Radio OpState is disabled Minor No action is required.
108 Sync Lost: All Sync sources lost: Alarm is triggered when all sync sources are lost Warning LTE AP is expected to reboot after half an hour of sync loss based on configuration.
109 Sync holdover expired: Holdover timeout: Alarm is triggered Minor LTE AP reboots.
111 EPC SeGW connection lost. Link down for a peer with which EPC IPSec tunnel is established Major LTE AP retries IPSec tunnel reestablishment until reboot.
112 S1AP connection lost. RRC/SCTP association failure alarm Minor Cell transmission is disabled.
115 File upload failure - Failure in streaming KPIs to MQTT Broker, Failed to upload KPIS to File Server/MQTT broker Major No action is required.
117 Firmware image download failure. Software Activation/Download failure Major No action is required.
119 Configuration image download failure: Download Failure: SwMgr failed to download the configuration image Major No action is required.
120 File persistence error: No vendor config file present: File is no longer present or has been corrupted Major No action is required.
122 Server authentication failure Major
123 Server certificate revoked Major
124 Server revocation check failure Major LTE AP retries OCSP procedure until reboot timer expires.
125 OCSP/CRL Server not reachable Major
126 Server Root CA certificate missing or expired Major
127 NTP Sync cannot be established. NTP synchronization is not achieved. Minor No action is required.
128 Ruckus PKI RA/CA is not reachable. Major
129 LTE AP disconnected from management cloud Major
130 Enrollment failure for NHN PKI Major
133 CBSD Registration error Minor Retry if SAS was not reachable, else wait for user action.
134 CBSD Grant Error - SAS grant unsuccessful Minor
135 CBSD Grant Suspended - GRANT SUSPENDED due to Transmit Timer Expiry, SAS-CBSD Procedure Failure. Major Attempt re-registration procedure or grant on different channel/issue spectrum inquiry.
136 SAS Certificate expired: Certificate Outdated. Critical Retry procedure with SAS.
137 SAS Certificate invalid: Security procedure failure with SAS. Major Retry
138 SAS is not reachable Major Retry to connect to SAS.
139 CBSD installation error. Minor No action is required.
141 CBSD location is modified without CPI. Critical Report the alarm.
142 CBSD location might be modified without CPI Major No action is required.
304 RSC disconnected from management cloud SeGW Informational
307 RSC IKESA IP address renewal was initiated Informational
308 RSC IKESA establishment timeout Informational
309 RSC is not authorized Informational
310 RSC authentication failure — RSC client certificate has been revoked Informational
314 RSC Integrity/Confidentiality algorithm could not be successfully negotiated Informational
501 RSC authentication successful Informational
502 CBSD registration is successful Informational
503 CBSD grant is successful Informational
505 CBSD HB with operational param Informational
507 CBSD grant relinquished Informational
508 CBSD deregistered Informational
901 GPS Session could not be established or maintained - Location source is missing or lost Major No action is required.