Exporting Events to a CSV File

Beginning with the Ruckus LTE 2019.02 release, you can export the list of events in your account to a .csv file.

  1. From the side bar menu, click Events.
    The Events page appears and displays the 50 most recent events that have occurred in your AP Management account. If the AP Management has recorded more than 50 events, the right-bottom area of the page displays left (<) and right (>) arrows that you can click to view older events.
    The Export to CSV option is available in all Events pages such as tenant, venue, network, and AP levels.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click Export to CSV.
    The Exporting Events dialog appears and the list of events are downloaded as a .csv file (for example, Events_25_11_2019_13-40.csv) in the default download directory of your systems. You can open and review the .csv file using Microsoft Excel.
    Note: You can view and export a maximum number of 10,000 records from the current page on the portal. The portal displays the events ordered by the event date and time. If the number of records exceed 10,000, contact the Ruckus Support team.
You have completed exporting events in your Ruckus LTE AP Management account.