Viewing Your Account Details

Your RUCKUS Cloud account information includes your organization's name, address, and phone number.

Follow these steps to view your account details.
  1. On the Dashboard, click Administration.
    The Administration page appears and displays the following tabs:
    • Account Details
    • Administrators
    • Notifications
    • Support
    • License
    • Cloud Version
  2. Click the Account Details tab to review your account information. The Account Details tab displays the following information:
    • Organization: Name of the organization that you represent.
    • Address: Street address of your organization.
    • City: City in which your organization is located.
    • State/Province: State or province in which your organization is located.
    • ZIP: ZIP or postal code of your organization's location.
    • Country: Country where your organization is located.
    Note: To update your name and email address, edit your profile on the RUCKUS Support website.

When you enable multi-factor authenticaton (MFA) feature, RUCKUS Cloud asks for a verification code via your chosen security method (Email, SMS or authentication App). By default, MFA is disabled. The Prime-Admin controlls the MFA feature and applies to all admin accounts. When the MFA feature is enabled, all users of the account are required to set and use MFA. You can manage the personal authentication settings from the User Profile menu (accessible via the portal's header).

To enable MFA, follow these steps.

  1. Toggle the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) switch to ON.
    The Enable Multi-Factor Authentication dialog box appears.
    Enable MFA
  2. Click Enable MFA.
    RUCKUS Cloud generates recovery codes for that can be used as a backup method to access the account if the administrators have trouble receiving the security code. Make sure that you copy the codes and store them safely.