Configuration Failure Alarm

Alarm Identifier CBRS-001

Less than <available ECGIs> unique ECGIs are now available for your networks with PLMN ID <PLMNID>. Please configure additional records for this PLMNID.

Additional Information

Alarm is triggered when a specific PLMN ID has ECGI records, and total availability for it (by summing all the related ECGI records) is below one of the thresholds (100/50/10) - trigger an Alarm to the tenant, notifying the status for this PLMN ID.

An alarm should be sent out when a certain <number> of the unique ECGIs are left available for allocation on a per PLMN ID level. This is to ensure that tenants are aware of the need to submit a request to procure additional Identifiers from the CBRS-A authorities.

Specific Problem
Perceived Severity Major (if ‘available ECGIs’ is 100 or 50) / Critical (if ‘available ECGIs’ is 10)
Action to clear alarm Increase ECGI availability for the given PLMN ID (by adding a new ECGI record for this PLMN ID)
Entered Event Exit Event Probable Cause System Action Additional Text
When a PLMN ID has ECGI records defined, and a threshold (100/50/10) is exceeded (and alarm for this threshold was not yet triggered). When ECGI availability for the given PLMN ID is increased and is above the threshold used for the alarm.

New APs were added to a venue on which the network with the given PLMN ID is activated.

Another option is that a network with the given PLMN ID was activated on venue that has APs on it.

User (tenant) has to purchase additional Macros from CBRS-A and add a new ECGI record for the given PLMN ID with the new Macro purchased.

This will increase availability by 128