Security Settings

Complete the following steps to customize the security settings of a venue.
  1. From the navigation pane, click Venues.
  2. Select a venue to go to the Wi-Fi Settings page.
  3. Click Settings on upper-right corner and then select Wi-Fi Settings from the drop-down.
  4. Select the Security tab.
    The Security page appears.
    Security Settings
  5. Switch the DoS Protection button to ON. By defaut, this button is set to OFF.
  6. Specify the time in the Block a client for field, seconds after field, and repeat authentication failures within field.
  7. Switch the Rogue AP Detection button to ON.
  8. Select a Rogue AP Classification Profile from the drop-down.
  9. Click View to review the Rogue AP classification profile.
    The View Rogue AP Classification Profile dialog box appears. The Rogue AP Classification Profile page has two sub-tabs: Profile Settings and Classification Rule.
  10. Click Add to add a Rogue AP classification profile.
    The Create Rogue AP Classification Profile dialog box appears.
    Create Rogue AP Classification Profile
  11. Enter a name in the Profile Name field and add the profile description in the Description field.
  12. Click Next.
  13. In the Classification Rule page, click Add Rule.
    The Rogue AP Classification Rule dialog box appears.
    Rogue AP Classification Rule
  14. Add a name in the Rule Name filed.
  15. Select the type of rule from the Rule Type drop-down.
    • Ad Hoc
    • CTS Abuse
    • Deauth Flood
    • Disassoc Flood
    • Excessive Power
    • Low SNR
    • MAC OUI
    • MAC Spoofing
    • Null SSID
    • RTS Abuse
    • Same Network
    • SSID
    • SSID Spoofing
  16. Select a category from the Category dorp-down.
    You can select one of the following.
    • Ignored
    • Known
    • Unclassified
    • Malicious
  17. Click Add to add the rule and return to the Rogue AP Classification Profile page.
  18. Click Create.
  19. Specify the value for the Report SNR Threshold. The range is from 0 to 100.
  20. Click Save Security, and then click Close.