Recommendations Page

RUCKUS Analytics creates recommendations after constantly monitoring the software configuration and analyzing network data. Changes in the expected behavior of a network or its performance are commonly detected and corrected by making physical changes to the network environment or by making configuration changes to the networking software. The network system configuration must be constantly monitored and regulated to achieve optimum performance. In the Recommendations page, RUCKUS Analytics provides recommendations by monitoring dynamic factors influencing network performance and also seeks to tune static factors with an objective to improve performance metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and the user experience. You can view the recommendations on this page and apply them to see how network performance can be improved. This page also provides insights into network performance before and after a recommendation is applied. A recommendation is a change suggested to the software configuration, and it is applied to the SmartZone controller.

Note: Only SmartZone controllers running SmartZone 5.2.2 or SmartZone 6.0 can make use of the Recommendations page in RUCKUS Analytics
Recommendations Page
The Recommendations page table displays the following information:
  • Priority: Displays the severity of the recommendation as Low, Medium, or High
  • Date: Displays the date the recommendation was created.
  • Category: Displays the type of recommendation, such as Infrastructure and Wi-Fi Client Experience.
  • Summary: Displays a short description about the suggested recommendation, for example, "Firmware Upgrade", "Enable DFS Channel", and so on.
  • Scope: Displays the cluster, domain, and zone levels at which the recommendation can be applied.
  • Type: Displays the level at which the recommendation is applied. Currently, it can be applied only at the zone level.
  • Status: Displays the status of the recommendation. The status is New when the recommendation is available but not applied. The status changes to Scheduled after you have scheduled to apply the recommendation. It changes to Applied after the scheduled recommendation has applied the change. If applying the recommendation fails, the status changes to Failed. Every state change triggers an email message to the network administrator providing information about the status. For more information, refer the following table.
    Table 1. Recommendation States
    State Name Description Possible Actions
    New Recommendation is available. Schedule a day and time to apply the recommendation. Apply or Mute
    Scheduled Recommendation has been scheduled. Edit Schedule or Cancel
    Applied Recommendation has been successfully applied and RUCKUS Analytics will monitor this configuration change for the next seven days. Revert or Mute
    Failed An error was encountered when the recommended configuration change was applied and no configuration change was made. Apply or Mute
    Interrupted (Recommendation is not applied) RUCKUS Analytics has detected a manual configuration change in the SmartZone controller that may interfere with this recommendation. The scheduled recommendation is canceled. Manually check if the recommendation is valid. Apply or Mute
    Interrupted (Recommendation is applied) RUCKUS Analytics has detected a manual configuration change in the SmartZone controller that may interfere with this recommendation. Results from the monitoring of this configuration change may not be relevant. Manually check if the recommendation is valid. Revert or Mute
    Revert RUCKUS Analytics has detected a degradation in network performance after the application of the recommended configuration. Recommended to immediately revert to previous configuration settings. Revert or Mute
    Revert Scheduled A reversion to undo the configuration change has been scheduled. Scheduled
    Revert Failed An error was encountered when the reversion was applied. No reversion was made. Revert the configuration manually from the controller. Revert or Mute
    Reverted A reversion has been successfully applied. Mute
  • Details: Click the icon to view more information, such as the description of the recommendation, the reason why it is encouraged to apply the recommendation and the tradeoff in the network performance if it is not applied,the KPI that is impacted due to the current configuration, and the status trail tracking how the recommendation has changed states.
    In the following example, the recommendation suggest that the DFS channel be enabled for 5 GHz so that channel availability improves, thereby reducing co-channel interference (currently as high as 50.14 percent and impacting performance). If the recommendation is not applied, the potential tradeoffs are listed, such as AP unavailability, possible AP switch to non-DFS channels, disconnections, and so on. name a few.
    Recommendation Details Example
  • Actions: Displays all the actions you can perform, as described in the following table.
    Table 2. Actions Descriptions
    Icon Action
    Edit the schedule for the recommendation.
    Cancel applying the recommendation.
    Apply the recommendation. It takes an hour to apply the configuration change to the controller.
    Mute the recommendation. Muting recommendations removes them from the list. You can view all muted recommendations or by clicking Show muted recommendation by clicking the

    icon. Click the icon to unmute a recommendation. Unmuted recommendations are displayed again in the list of recommendations.

    Revert the recommendation. The system reverts to the previous configuration settings.
Note: Recommendations are only available for a period of 90 days, after which they are removed. RUCKUS Analytics runs a daily check of the recommendations created to see if they are still relevant and applicable. Recommendations that are no longer relevant or valid are automatically removed from the list.

Recommendations that are applied successfully are also reflected in the Config Change page.