Understanding Administrator Roles

An administrator role defines the types of tasks that an administrator can perform to manage venues, APs, networks, guest users, and authentication services, to monitor wireless clients and events, and to view analytics reports.

The following table describes the administrator roles that Ruckus Cloud supports.
Note: You can assign the same administrator roles to multiple users.
Table 1. User Roles in Ruckus Cloud
Administrator Role Description
Prime Admin The highest-level administrator role in Ruckus Cloud. This role allows administrators to perform all configuration, monitoring, and administration tasks in your Ruckus Cloud account.
Administrator This role allows administrators to fully control tenant accounts and to manage delegated tenants, if permitted by the Prime Admin.
Guest Manager This role allows administrators to manage guest user accounts. The tasks that administrators assigned the guest manager role can perform include:
  • Adding a new guest user
  • Managing existing guest users, including disabling or deleting guest users and generating a new guest password
  • Viewing guest user information
Read Only This role allows administrators to view venues, APs, networks, guest accounts, events, and reports. However, an administrator that is assigned this role cannot perform any configuration tasks, including creating or editing venues, APs, networks, and guest accounts.

If a third-party administrator (an authorized Ruckus partner, also known as a value-added reseller or VAR) is assigned as a prime administrator, additional VAR administrators automatically get read-only access to the VAR portal. Any further permissions must be explicitly granted by the prime administrator.