Adding an Administrator

If you want to delegate the management of APs in your venues to another person, you can create an administrator account for that person.

Note: Trial accounts are limited to one administrator account. If you have a trial account with a TEMP license, you will be unable to create an additional administrator account.
Complete the following steps to add an administrator in your Ruckus Cloud account.
  1. From the navigation pane, click Administration.
  2. On the Administration page, click the Administrators tab.
  3. Click Add Administrator in the upper-right corner of the Local Administrators list.
    The Add New Administrator page is displayed.
  4. Add the email of the person that you want to add as an administrator.
    • If the person that you want to add as an administrator has an existing Ruckus Support account, click Add a registered user, and then select the registered user that you want to add as an administrator.
    • If the person that you want to add as an administrator does not have an existing Ruckus Wireless Support account, click Invite new user, and then type the person's email address. Ruckus Cloud will set up an account and send an email request to the email address supplied for the administrator.
  5. In the Role list, select the role that you want to assign to this user.
    Available administrator roles include:
    • Prime Admin
    • Administrator
    • Guest Manager
    • Read Only

    For more information about the roles, refer to administrator role.

  6. Finish adding or inviting the administrator.
    • If you clicked Add a registered user in Step 4, click Add Administrator.
    • If you clicked Invite new user in Step 4, click Send invitation.
The page refreshes, and then the Administrators tab lists the new administrator that you added or invited, along with the existing accounts. If you do not see the new administrator, click Refresh.
If you invited a new user to be an administrator, Ruckus Wireless will send an email message with the subject Ruckus Wireless Support Account Invitation‏ to this user. Ask the user to check his or her email inbox (and junk mail) and to click the link to complete the registration process.