Editing a Port

You can edit a single or multiple ports ate the same time.

To edit a port, follow these steps.
  1. On the Dashboard, click Networking Devices.
  2. Select the Switch sub-tab and chose a switch from the list of switches.
  3. Select the Overview sub-tab.
  4. From the View page, click Ports to view the ports.
  5. (Optional) Use the Search port option to search for a port.
  6. Select a port or multiple ports and then click Edit
    The Edit port dialog box appears.
    Edit Port
    You can edit the following properties of a port.
    • Port Name
    • Port Enabled
    • PoE Enabled
    • PoE Class
    • PoE Priority
    • PoE Budget
    • Protected Port
    • LLDP Enabled
    • Port Speed
    • RSTP Admin Edge Port
    • STP BPDU Guard
    • STP Root Guard
    • Port VLANs
    • Untagged VLAN
    • Tagged VLAN
    • Ingress ACL
    • Egress ACL
    • DHCP Snooping Trust
    • IPSG
    • Labels
  7. After editing the port, click Save. For an uplink port, the Modify Uplink Port dialog box apprear prompting you to apply changes.
  8. Click Apply Changes.
  9. Click OK when the Switch Reboot is Required dialog box appears.