Adding a Stack

The ICX switches support up to 12 units per stack. All the different SKUs of the same switch family can stack with each other except for ICX7150-C08P/PT. ICX 7150 Module 3, 1G interface cannot be used as stacking port. You can add a standalone switch to a stack member and convert two or more standalone switches to a stack if the switches are of the same model, in the venue, and are operational. You must procure the 10G licenses for stacking.

To add a stack, follow these steps .
  1. On the Dashboard, click Networking Devices and select the Switch tab.
  2. Click Add Stack in the upper-right corner.
    The Create Stack dialog box is displayed. Alternatively, from Venue page, select a venue, select Networking Devices , select Switch, and then click Add Stack.
    Creating a Stack
  3. Complete the following fields to add a stack:
    • Venue: Select the venue to which you want to deploy this switch.
    • Stack Name: (Optional) Enter the name of the stack.
    • Description: (Optional) Add a brief description of the switch.
    • Stack Members: Select the switches that you want to add to the stack.
    • Serial Number: Enter the 11-digit valid serial numbers of the switches.
  4. Click Add another member to add more switches to the stack.
  5. Click Create to add a stack.

    The Create button is grayed out if valid switch serials are not entered.