Supported Software and Hardware

Only specific RUCKUS Wireless AP models, ICX switches support RUCKUS Cloud. Before adding an AP or switch to the RUCKUS Cloud service, make sure that it is a supported model and running the required firmware version.

Supported ICX Firmware and Models

Supported ICX version: RUCKUS FastIron 08.0.90d and above

You can download the ICX 09.0.10e, the latest version supported by RUCKUS Cloud from the following link and perform the switch image update from the switch CLI.

To determine the switch is running the firmware required for Cloud, look for 'RUCKUS Cloud Ready' on the switch label. If not found on the label, check and upgrade the switch directly to 08.0.95b (router image).
Note: ICX7150-C08P/PT should be upgraded with a switch image.

Supported RUCKUS ICX Switch Series:

  • ICX 7150

  • ICX 7550

  • ICX 7650

  • ICX 7850

For the list of supported ICX switches, refer to:

Supported Firmware and AP Models

Supported Wi-Fi version: 106.x or latest available

To determine whether your RUCKUS AP models can connect to the RUCKUS Cloud service, refer to