Before You Begin

To begin using the RUCKUS Cloud service, you must maintain the following items:
CAUTION: You must make sure that no RUCKUS Wireless controllers (for example, SmartCell Gateway, SmartZone, or Unleashed) exist on the network. If the AP that you are connecting to the cloud service detects a RUCKUS Wireless controller on the network, it will connect that controller instead of the cloud service.

Supported Web Browsers

The RUCKUS Cloud portal is primarily accessible using a web browser. Before signing up for the RUCKUS Cloud service or logging in to the web interface to manage your networks, verify that you are using a supported browser.

The following table lists the web browsers that RUCKUS Cloud supports.

Table 1. Supported Web Browser Versions
Browser Release
Google Chrome 57.0.2987.110 and later
Apple Safari 10.0.3 (12602.4.8) and later
Mozilla Firefox 52.0 and later

If you use an unsupported web browser, you may experience issues displaying elements on the web interface.