Viewing Switches Assigned to a Venue

Follow these steps to view details about switches that are assigned to a particular venue.
  1. On the menu, click Venues.
  2. On the Venues page, locate the venue that you want to check for assigned switches.
    The venue Overview page appears.
  3. Select the Networoking Devicestab and then select the Switch sub tab.
    The Switches sub tab for the venue appears and displays the following information about each switch that is assigned to the venue:
    • Switch: Name of the switch.
    • Status: Indicates the status of the switch. For example, if the switch is powered on and is providing networking service to clients, a green check mark appears with the word Operational next to it.
    • Model: Model number of the switch.
    • Serial Number: Serial number of the switch.
    • MAC Address: MAC address of the AP
    • IP Address :IP address of the AP
    • Up Time : Days and time since when the switch has been providing service.
    • Clients: Number of clients currently associated with the switch.
You have completed viewing information about switches assigned to a venue.