Viewing APs and AP Groups Assigned to a Venue

Complete the following steps to view details about APs that are assigned to a particular venue.
  1. From the navigation pane, click Venues.
  2. On the Venues page, locate the venue that you want to check for assigned APs.
  3. Select the Networking Devices tab and then select the WiFi sub tab.
  4. Select the APs tab.
    Note: If the number under the APs column is 0 (zero), a screen displays allowing you to add an AP.
    The APs tab for the venue displays the following information about each AP that is assigned to the venue:
    • AP: Name of the AP. To view more information about the AP, refer to click the AP name.
    • Status: Indicates the status of the AP. For example, if the AP is powered on and is providing wireless service to clients, a green check mark appears next to the word Operational.
    • Model: Model number of the AP
    • IP: IP address of the AP
    • MAC Address: MAC address of the AP
    • Switch: Name of the switch
    • Mesh Role: Role of the AP within the Mesh network
    • Clients on AP: Number of clients currently associated with the AP. To view more information about the associated clients, refer to click the client count.
    • AP Group: Name of the AP Group
    • RF Channel: The RF 2.4 GHz channel and 5 GHz channel.
    • Tags: Any tag assigned to the AP when it was added to the Ruckus Cloud account
  5. To add an AP, click Add AP.
    The Venue information is pre-populated with the current venue, add the other AP details and click Create. For more information about adding an AP, refer to Adding an AP page.
    You are returned to the APs tab under Venues.
  6. Above the grey bar, click the AP Groups tab to view the AP Groups associated with this Venue.
    The AP groups screen is displayed with the following fields
    • Group Name: Name of the AP Group.
    • Description: A brief description of the AP group.
    • Members: The number of APs associated with the AP Group.
    • Networks: The number of networks activated in this AP Group.
    • Clients: The number associated with this AP Group.
  7. Click Add AP Group to add an AP Group, .
    The Venue information is prepopulated with the current venue. Add the other AP Group details and click Create. For more information about adding an AP Group, refer to Adding an AP Group.
    You are returned to the AP Groups tab under Venues.