Onboarding the controller to RUCKUS Analytics

You have to enable the analytics and cloud features in the controller and login with your (RUCKUS customer) login details to onboard the controller.

Note: SmartZone must have fully paid RTU license and AP license to onboard to RUCKUS Analytics.
  1. Login to the SmartZone controller web interface with your RUCKUS Support user credentials.
  2. Go to General Settings > Cloud Services, and enable RUCKUS Analytics.
    Note: The SmartZone controller name is retrieved from the controller at the time of onboarding. However, if the name is changed after onboarding the controller, RUCKUS Analytics will not display the updated controller name.
    When more than one organization is involved in the onboarding of a controller, a primary account holder is defined as the one that owns the SmartZone controller, and the secondary account holder is the one that possess RUCKUS Analytics license but does not own the controller. For example, in a typical channel partner model, where a partner and its end-customer are involved, the end-customer could be the primary account holder, and the channel partner is the secondary account holder. In this case, the secondary account holder can onboard the controller directly to the secondary account by using his Ruckus Support credentials. In this arrangement, networking data from the SmartZone network of the primary account holder will be streamed directly to the RUCKUS Analytics account of the secondary account, and the allocation (and thus consumption) of licenses happens in the secondary account. Do note that in this case, the primary account will have no access to the data in RUCKUS Analytics, unless the secondary account holder invites the primary account holder as a 3rd party user.

    Whenever a controller is onboarded to a secondary account, emails will be sent to the admins of the primary account to inform them of the event. Primary account holder will be able to cease this data streaming to the secondary account by logging into the SmartZone and offboard the SmartZone from RUCKUS Analytics.