Cloud Discovery

The following figure depicts the Cloud discovery process.
Cloud Discovery Process
  1. After being powered on, the AP waits to obtain an IP address, and then the AP begins the Cloud discovery process.
  2. The Cloud discovery process starts by validating the AP certificate from the certificate authority
    AP Certificate Validation
  3. The AP connects with the NTP server to synchronize time according to the geographical region.
    NTP Server synchronization
  4. The AP initiates a connection to the AP registrar service by resolving the address to
  5. The AP connects with ap-registrar over a TLS connection. Encrypted packets are exchanged, including the information of the address for the Cloud controller.
    TLS Connection
  6. The AP starts a connection to the Cloud controller and establishes an SSHv2 tunnel after the initial contact. All further communication, both management and control traffic, with the Cloud is protected and occurs inside the tunnel. This tunnel is always open until the AP is active.
    Connection with the Cloud Controller