Searching Unplaced Devices in a Venue

In the Unplaced Devices page, you can view the list of unplaced networking devices. The Unplaced Devices section displays all the unplaced networking devices (Wi-Fi APs, switches, and Cloudpath Servers) in an alpha numeric that is ascending order. If there are a large number of unplaced devices, using the search unplaced devices option, you can search an unplaced device by its name and place it on the desired floor plan of a venue.

To search a networking device in a venue, follow these steps.
  1. From the navigation pane, click Venues.
  2. On the Venues page, select the venue in which you want to search unplaced devices.
    Note: If there are no devices and no floor plan added to the venue, then the Unplaced devices dropdown will not be displayed. You must add a networking device to add a floor to view this option.
  3. After adding a floor plan, add Wi-Fi APs or switches to view the Unplaced devices dropdown.
  4. Click Unplaced Devices dropdown list to view the Search text box. Enter 2 or more alpha numeric characters to see updated searched list of unplaced devices.
    The search option for unplaced devices appears.
    Search Unpalced Devices
  5. (Optional) Click the dropdown All. You can choose one of these options to further refine the search based on the category selected
    • All
    • Wi-Fi APs
    • Switches
    • Cloudpath Servers
    Select option (Search Unplaced Devices)