Viewing All AP Groups

You can view a summary of all the access point (AP) groups that you have added to your RUCKUS Cloud account and check all of their statuses from a single page.

Follow these steps to view a list of all AP groups that have been added in your RUCKUS Cloud account.

  1. From the navigation pane, click Networking Devices and select the Wi-Fi tab.
  2. Click an AP name to view details about the AP.
    The Access Points page appears with two boxes, APs and AP Groups at the top of the window. Both boxes contain a number in brackets indicating how many APs or AP Groups are in your account.
  3. Click AP Groups.
    A list of AP Groups that you have added to your RUCKUS Cloud account and information about them is displayed:
    • Group name: The name of the AP Group. To view details about this AP Group, click the group name. This table column can be sorted. Click the up or down arrow to sort the entries. The sort criteria used is alphanumerical order.
    • Description: If a description has been added, it displays here.
    • Venue: The name of the venue to which this AP Group is physically deployed.
    • Members: The number of APs that are members of this AP Group. Pause the pointer over or click the number to see the names of the APs.
    • Networks: Displays a number that represents how many networks are part of the AP group. Hover the mouse over or click on the number to see the network names.