Viewing ECGI Records

To view the ECGI records, follow these steps.
  1. On the Dashboard, click Administration.
  2. On the Administration page, click the ECGI Records tab.
    In the ECGI Records tab, the following information is displayed.
    ECGI Records
    • ECGI Record: The ECGI record name.
    • PLMN ID: The PLMN ID.
    • Macro eNB ID: The Macro eNB ID within the ECGI identifies a group of cells within an PLMNID (SHNI). This will be assigned by the CBRS Alliance and will leave 8 bits to be assigned by the operator to identify individual cells. The full ECGI format is PLMN ID(SHNI) (6dec/24bin) + Macro eNB ID (5hex/20bin) + Cell Identity (2hex/8bin). Each PLMN ID + Macro eNB ID.
    • Available ECGIs: The available ECGIs.
    • Networks: Number of Networks the ECGI records are being used.

    For more information, visit the Technical Support bulletin published under KB articles.

You have completed viewing the ECGI records.