Restoring a Backed up Configuration

You can select a backed up configuration and restore it as and when required.

To restore a backed up of configuration, follow these steps.
  1. From the navigation bar, click Networking Devices.
  2. Select the Switch tab and chose a switch from the list of switches.
  3. Select the Configuration Management tab.
    Restore & Backup
  4. Select the Restore & Backup sub-tab.
  5. Select a configuration file from the list and then click Restore.

    Restoring a configuration file replace sthe existing configuration on the switch with selected backup. This operation will trigger the switch/stack to reload and network traffic gets affected.

    The following warning appears.
  6. Click Restore to proceed with the restore operation.
    • Switch is rebooted automatically after the configuration restore: This would result in network downtime. Upon successful reboot, switch will resume forwarding traffic as usual.
    • Connect to the HTTPs based cloud servers—the switch status will be shown as Operational on Cloud after configuration restore and all the necessary synchronizations are complete.