Viewing Networks Configured for a Venue

The Network page displays details of the network configurations for a particular venue.

Follow these steps to view details about networks that are configured for a particular venue.
  1. On the Dashboard, click Venues.
  2. On the Venues page, locate the venue that you want to check for configured networks.
  3. In the same row as the venue name, click the number under the Networks column.
    Note: To view the names of the networks assigned to this venue, hover your mouse pointer over the number.
    Note: If the number under the Networks column is 0 (zero), you get the following message when you click it: No networks activated in this venue. Use the ON/OFF switches in the list to select the Networks to activate..
    The Networks tab for the venue appears and displays information about each network that is assigned to the venue.
    • Network name: The name of the network. For more information about this network, click the network name.
    • VLAN: Displays the VLAN ID that is assigned to the network.
    • Network ID: The unique identification number of the LTE network.
    • Activation: The activation status toggle button. This button allows you to click and activate the LTE network. Clicking the button in activated state will deactivate the LTE network.

You have completed viewing information about the LTE network that is configured for this venue.